Softlogic Life Dollar Saver

A protection plus investment plan for Sri Lankans living overseas to save in Dollars with a 6.5% Guaranteed Annual Return.

This 2-year plan also comes with a life insurance cover equivalent to the guaranteed maturity benefit. Softlogic Life Dollar Saver is specifically designed to cater to those earning and living overseas. But, in the special instance of those who reside in Sri Lanka whilst earning an income from an overseas source, they too can start saving with us.

Special Features

  1. Save and earn in Dollars with a 6.5% Guaranteed Annual Return
  2. A Life Insurance equal to the Guaranteed Maturity Benefit (Guaranteed Maturity benefit = amount saved + guaranteed dividend rate)
  3. Start the plan with a minimum of USD 5,000 (the maximum is USD 100,000)
  4. Personalized assistance for clients saving above USD 10,000
  5. Flexibility to make the payment via credit /debit card and fund transfers
  6. Savings secured by investments made in government securities and bank deposits
  7. 100% digital, paperless on-boarding process
  8. This product is in accordance with Sri Lanka Forex Regulations
  9. Re-insured by Toa Re, one of the world’s primary professional reinsurance companies, operating worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All Sri Lankans (including dual citizens) who are earning and working overseas. This plan is open to Sri Lankan residents who are earning an income from an overseas source.
Entry age eligibility: Minimum and maximum ages at entry are 18 to 68 years. The insurance plan ends at the age of 70.

The Life Insurance cover will be equal to the guaranteed maturity benefit (e.g. if the customer’s savings premium is USD 5000, the life insurance cover will be USD 5000 + 6.5% p.a. = USD 5,671)

The savings will be securely invested in government securities and bank deposits

No, this plan requires the payment to be made only in USD

For premiums less than USD 10,000, payments can be made via credit/debit cards and fund transfers.
For premiums greater than USD 10,000, payments can be made only via Fund Transfers
Softlogic Life Business Foreign Currency Account (BFCA) details are as follows:

Account Name: Softlogic Life Insurance PLC
Account Number: 2700 6000 6146
Bank Name: Nations Trust Bank
Bank Address: No. 242, Union Place, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka
Bank code: 7162
Branch code: 006
Swift Code: NTBCLKLX

A 6-month lock-in period is applicable from the date of commencement of the policy where surrender (cancellation of policy) is not allowed during this period. Furthermore, the customer can surrender the policy after the lock in period subject to the below conditions:
For Policy Year 1 – Return of premium.
For Policy Year 2 – Return of premium + interest earned in policy year 1, at a rate of 2% lower than the guaranteed rate.

The maturity benefit will be paid in Dollars to the customer’s Personal Foreign Currency Account (PFC) or upon the customer’s request in LKR amount equivalent to the Dollar rate at the time of settlement.

Within the first 9 months from the Date of Commencement of the policy

  • In the event of an Accidental Death
    • The Guaranteed Maturity Value will be paid
  • In the event of a death other than an Accident
    • The total premium shall be returned

After the first 9 months from the Date of Commencement of the policy

  • The Guaranteed Maturity Value will be paid for all causes of death

Death Claim Benefit to the Nominee will be settled in USD if the nominee has an Overseas Personal Foreign Currency Account (PFCA).


If the nominee doesn’t have a PFC Account, the Death Claim Benefit shall be paid in Sri Lankan Rupees equivalent to the amount of USD at the time of settlement (subject to any governing laws of the Republic of Sri Lanka).