Agile Flood Relief Campaign

The flood campaign was focused on helping people in flood-affected areas during May 2017. Due to high network traffic during this time, connecting to the DMC was extremely difficult. Having lost all their belongings, mobile phones (mostly basic feature phones) were the only possessions of the affected people which they used to call for help. Keeping true to its brand promise of giving people a better-quality life through simple choices, Softlogic Life chose to take action through a simple and agile technology solution. A mobile integrated SMS line was created within 24 hrs. in partnership with Etisalat. This established a connection between the affected individuals and the relevant government authorities and expedited access to aid and assistance. Softlogic Life then used the same SMS line to amass requests for essential goods to help those in need. We were able to target flood-affected areas through successful geo-targeting strategy and by leveraging social media as well as radio channels to raise awareness amongst the community very effectively The initiative was highly successful and enabled Softlogic Life to help save 2,500 distressed individuals who were directly impacted.’