Corporate Governance

The Company has a well-defined governance structure embedded across the Company.

Our approach to corporate governance enables integrated thinking and decision-making that balances the
achievement of our strategic priorities over time and reconciles the interests of the Company,
stakeholders and society in creating and protecting sustainable shared value and guarding against value
erosion in the short, medium and long term.

The Governance Framework of the Company is as below:

softlogic life

Statement of Compliance

  • Towards a continuous stride in achieving a more cohesive and efficient approach to corporate reporting,
    Softlogic Life has been compliant with the below mentioned Rules and Regulations declared by the

    • Companies Act No 07 of 2007
    • Regulations of Insurance Industry Act No 43 of 2000
    • Rule No 7.6 and 9 of Listing Rules of CSE
    • Direction 17- on Corporate Governance Framework for Insurance Companies by IRCSL
    • Integrated GRI Reporting guidelines
    • Code of Best Practise on Corporate Governance of CA Sri Lanka
    • Financial Transaction Reporting Act No 06 of 2006 issued by FIU of Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  • Softlogic Life has established and maintained the following policies & adhere to CSE listing rules in
    order to maintain a comprehensive and integrated structure to create the environment that enables the
    company and its stakeholders to maintain rigorous standards of governance to achieve the strategic

    • Policy on the matters related to the Board of Directors
    • Policy on Board Committees
    • Policy on Corporate Governance, Re-election and Nomination
    • Policy on Remuneration
    • Policy on Internal code of business and ethics on all directors and all employees including
      policies trading in the entity’s listed securities
    • Policy on Risk Management and Internal Controls
    • Policy on Relations with Shareholders and Investors
    • Policy on Environment, Social, Governance Sustainability
    • Policy on Control and Management of Company Assets and Shareholder Investment
    • Policy on Whistleblowing
    • Policy on Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • The Policy on relations with shareholders & investors includes a process to make all directors aware of
    major issues and concerns of shareholders. Such policy can be accessed by anyone interested by clicking