Softlogic Life to stand by policyholders in the face of COVID-19 pandemic

Softlogic Life, Sri Lanka’s fastest growing life Insurer, will pay all medical and life claims that relate to COVID 19, despite it being classified a pandemic.

Softlogic Life considers that the health, well being, and safety of their policyholders and their families are of paramount importance. This has never been truer than today, with COVID-19 (Corona virus) impacting every Sri Lankan. COVID-19 is an evolving situation that has the full
attention of Softlogic Life.

Usually, when a disease is categorized as ‘pandemic,’ protocol is that insurance companies do not cover expenses related to it. But going the extra mile as a responsible entity of the country, Softlogic Life has decided to cover medical-related costs of COVID-19—from testing to treatments—and provide protection for policyholders.

“Although COVID 19 is a global pandemic, we have reviewed our existing policies through a different lens to reassure policyholders on coverage, treatment and claims. Furthermore, we are continuing to follow the local health authorities’ lead in managing the situation and believe that social distancing is the safest approach. We urge everyone to follow the recommendations of the health officials when seeking treatments and testing and would like to take this opportunity to urge everyone to stay safe and take care of themselves so that our country can fight this pandemic in the most effective manner” stated Iftikar Ahamed, Managing Director of Softlogic Life.

Softlogic Life is known to have led many industry first initiatives such as the one day claim payment process, that has gone beyond the norms of the life insurance industry to ensure world-class service standards that secure the well being of their customers. Today’s announcement is a further step in that direction.